Press Release – July 2011

July Newsletter – Little Nancy Creek Park

Little Nancy Creek Park – Moving Ahead

Friends of Little Nancy Creek Park (FoLNCP) continues to move forward in creating a welcoming environment for Buckhead and Brookhaven neighbors wanting to spend a few hours socializing outdoors this summer. In addition to the recent well-attended community events we’ve held in the park (see below for details), FoLNCP regularly hosts volunteer days with local corporations and community groups looking to make a difference.

On June 17th, 27 volunteers from the Discovery Channel took time out of their busy schedules to spend several hours clearing the path around the park and helping to cut away the vines threatening the trees. As one volunteer noted, “It’s amazing how nice the trees are once you start cutting those vines away!”

Working with Park Pride, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving Atlanta’s parks and increasing available green space, the Discovery Channel volunteers completely cleared 29 trees of suffocating ivy as well as a significant amount of Chinese privet that was in their way! As our Park Pride expert attested, “If we laid all the ivy that was cleared out on a flat surface, it would total over 15,000 square feet.” Not bad for a day’s work!

In addition to the value provided to the park, this proved a great team building exercise for the volunteers as well. They showed they were true champions of the company’s love of the outdoors when one young woman stayed for several more hours despite being stung three times when she accidentally uncovered a nest of yellow jackets! What a great attitude and display of volunteer dedication!

We’d like to thank everyone from the Discovery Channel and Park Pride who came out and encourage them to return as we continue to transform this space into the gem of the community. Particular thanks goes to John Ahern from Park Pride who organized our volunteers and worked right alongside them the full time.

For those readers looking to get involved with the park and the ongoing efforts to transform it into a world class playground and community gathering spot, please visit our website for ways to get in touch,,  and/or reach out to our friends at Park Pride who can help organize group volunteer events. Thanks again to a great group of people!

Other Recent Park Happenings

In May, FoLNCP held a summer kickoff party that was attended by over 110 adults and children. It was a beautiful sunny day, and Little Nancy Creek Park provided the perfect venue for kids to spend a fun-filled day outside enjoying their first afternoon of the summer. The kids played soccer, threw Frisbee, participated in potato sack races, and much more. They also enjoyed fresh watermelon and popsicles generously donated by individuals in the community. Decorations included balloons and flowers which, complete with the beautiful shaded park and its broad grassy lawns, made for a festive start to summer.

Update on Playground Build

For those in the community anxious to know when we will begin building our state-of-the-art playground, we are working hard towards getting all of the necessary documentation and permits in place to make this happen as soon as possible. Currently, we are working closely with the city’s Parks Department to ensure we get the appropriate equipment to maximize safety, fun, and accessibility. Given the current pace of discussions, we expect to break ground on the playground some time in late summer/early fall with actual building beginning in the fall. If you are interested in getting involved, please reach out to us. Our success depends on the active support and sponsorship of people in our community.

Update on Recent Fundraising Efforts

In May, The Board of Directors of Park Pride generously granted the Little Nancy Creek playground project a $50,000 matching grant. Park Pride coordinates more than 15,000 hours of volunteer work in Atlanta parks annually and plays a central role in Atlanta’s ongoing efforts to increase green space. We are excited to be working with them and have their support. In May we also received a $5,000 grant from Post HOPE, the charitable arm of Post Properties, an Atlanta-based community developer that is at the forefront of building connected communities. We are very appreciative of these sponsors as it is the continued time and donations of volunteers and sponsors that is moving us toward our goal of building a beautiful and welcoming community playground and park.

Little Nancy Creek Park

In August 2007, the City of Atlanta purchased nearly 5 acres of property for $2.7 million for the purpose of creating a new park.  Little Nancy Creek Park is situated on Peachtree Dunwoody across from Winall Down Road.  This purchase came with the agreement that funding to develop the property would come from within the community.  The Friends of Little Nancy Creek Park have raised over $265,000 in their efforts and are currently requesting permits for a playground to be installed as early as Fall 2011.

For additional information or to find out how you can join in the effort to develop Little Nancy Creek Park, visit our website at

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