Park Design

Phase II

"Active Living" – A Place for Everyone

While Little Nancy Creek Park is beautiful in its natural state, we'd like it to be actively enjoyed by the community and contribute to the overall health and well-being of neighborhood residents. In Phase 2, we are focusing on two important aspects of development that research has shown increase park visitation and levels of activity.1 The first we categorize as "Hallmarks of Active Living" – improvements that directly lead to increased physical activity among the park's visitors. We describe these more fully in the table below…

Phase 2 – Hallmarks of "Active Living"
Feature Description Key Benefits
Fitness Path/Jogging Trail 1.2 mile trail surrounding the park with fitness stations at regular intervals A fitness trail with exercise stations adds several important benefits:
  • Park visitors can more easily incorporate exercise into their daily routines
  • Fitness stations add a social dimension by offering "active stops" that let people of differing fitness levels/abilities keep a similar pace
  • Fitness stations encourage a balanced training approach with access to both cardiovascular and strength training for optimal health benefits
Bridge Wood and metal design with concrete footings that balances both function and aesthetics
  • While vital to a fully functioning fitness trail that is accessible to wheelchairs and strollers, the bridge will also enhance the subtle beauty of the park and provide a place for moments of quiet contemplation
Pavilion Rectangular wood structure that is open on all sides with a high ceiling The pavilion helps us more fully meet the needs of all park visitors:
  • A gathering place for people of all ages to rest, share stories, enjoy refreshments, read a good book, or simply relax
  • A shelter to get fresh air and experience the beauty of nature for those not well enough to enjoy some of the park's other amenities
  • 3rd most requested feature by the community (after playground and trail)
Water fountain Simple structure to provide needed access to water
  • A critical feature to support physical activity in the park in light of Atlanta's hot climate with average summer highs of 88/89° F
Stairs Stone steps designed to blend with natural environment
  • Park requires stairs to fully access and safely move between varying levels of terrain and to connect the path and Overlook area
  • Stairs will also serve double duty as an additional fitness component
Planting/Shrubs Additional shrubs and plants as needed
  • Plants and shrubs will be added as needed to prevent soil erosion, provide shade, and in some cases, to address aesthetic considerations

1) Active Living Research, Building Evidence to Prevent Childhood Obesity and Support Active Communities, February 2010

…The second aspect we are focused on consists of infrastructure improvements that address aesthetics, condition and safety – all of which have been linked to increased park visitation and activity levels.2

Phase 2 – Infrastructure to Support "Active Living"
Feature Description Key Benefits
Drainage System Drainage system will  surround playground, community garden, and pavilion
  • Proximity to the creek is a benefit but also increases the need for adequate drainage. A well-constructed drainage system is needed to protect key park infrastructure including the playground, fitness trail, bridge, pavilion, and community garden; it likely will also offer some protection to bordering properties.
Community Gardens Grading Grading of slope leading to playground
  • Further grading is needed to provide adequate level of safe access from community garden to rest of park
Retaining Walls and Grading Retaining walls near community garden and additional grading in park
  • Retaining wall near community garden will prevent soil erosion as well as protect plants and playground structures located below
  • Additional grading throughout park will be needed especially with regard to ensuring the trail system is safe and accessible at all points
Playground mats/Parking Bumpers Mats below playground slides & poles/parking bumpers for park entrance lot
  • Playground mats are needed to soften landings under slides and poles where strong momentum creates potential for injury
  • Parking bumpers will encourage more efficient use of limited parking space and protect plants/shrubs surrounding the lot
Fees/Permits City of Atlanta fees/permits for planned infrastructure improvements
  • The majority of infrastructure improvements outlined in Phase 2 will require permitting from the city and may also incur fees during the natural course of construction. Prudent budgeting requires we take these into account to ensure all projects are successfully completed within scope.

We believe by making Little Nancy Creek Park an "Active Living" environment, we can not only provide a place of respite and relaxation but can materially improve the health and wellness of park users of all ages and abilities in the community.

2) Active Living Research, Building Evidence to Prevent Childhood Obesity and Support Active Communities, February 2010

Master Plan

Master Plan 04-20-2011
Master Plan 04-20-2011

Patrick Hand of Integrated Land Design was selected as landscape designer for Little Nancy Creek Park.
Here is their illustrative master plan for the park.

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Conceptual Vision 05-12-2009
Conceptual Vision 05-12-2009

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