Playground and Pavilion


Welcome to Little Nancy Creek Park Playground!

Who built this awesome playground?

Our state-of-the-art playground was designed and installed by Landscape Structures, recognized as one of the top playground companies in the country. It is the only playground of its kind in Atlanta.

Can I bring my dog to the playground?

Pets are not allowed within the fenced playground area but are welcome on leashes throughout the rest of the park. Please respect your park and clean up after your pets.

How was the playground funded?

While this is a City of Atlanta park, the playground was funded primarily by donations from generous neighbors like you and foundation grants. Donate Now!

How can you help maintain the playground?

  • Monetary Donation
  • Buy a brick paver for the playground entrance
  • Attend our upcoming park events and support them with an online donation to cover the costs of the event
  • Visit our web site or our Facebook fan page for a complete listing of events
  • Volunteer to help with upcoming park events

All of the children drew their ideal playground as part of the playground Design Days at Sarah Smith Elementary School in May 2010.

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